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20160 security industry development trend of observation

Source: Admin 2016-11-11

 [abstract] since the security into the network, various vendors began to put forward the industry solutions, but over the past few years, vendors in the exhibition display is given priority to with item, only a few brands to solution as external publicity exhibition theme.

This year's exhibition of shenzhen security raised his head, small and medium-sized brand may be because the problem of product line, some are still in a single product as the main theme, on display are most of the equipment maker, system integrator solutions to industry as the theme, such as hikvision, dahua co, heaven and earth weiye, suzhou keda, yu, etc.;More part of the enterprise according to the different needs of customers at home and abroad, has domestic theme and theme exhibition abroad, with a wide variety of products combination formed the subject of industry solutions.All equipment suppliers according to their own products and technical strength, are all can to put their best strength.


                   So which industries will become hot hot next year?A&s according to their own research, observation, combined with industry, launched its own security ten big industry trends observed in 2016.

First of all, let's look at some of the 2014 security integrator industry revenue accounted for.We can see from figure 1 research analysis, safe city revenue accounted for than at first, to 21%, its share of the market about intelligent transportation of second, third, the sum of the real estate/property.

This year, we also can heat the development of various industries, has carried on the investigation and analysis.We can see from figure 2, although safe city is the core power to promote the development of security, but the heat has dropped to third place, and at the same time the wisdom of the city although not on the list, but the heat has been rising.But along with the advancement of "Internet +", intelligent building/buildings, intelligent household heat continue to rise, the proportion reached 26%.                  








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